Location photoshoots  £99 

Whether it's an urban style fun quirky photoshoot you are looking for, or a relaxed golden hour session in beautiful and colourful surroundings, I offer a variety of different locations to suit the style that you are looking for.  These fabulous portrait sessions last approximately 1.5 hours.


Price List


7x5 £15                     

9x6 £20                      

12x8 £30                    

18x12 £50                                                          

24x16 £100  

High Res Digital Downloads:

10 Downloads £250

20 Downloads £350

30 Downloads £450

40 Downloads £550



Package 1:

4x 7x5 8x 9x6 2x 12x8 

SAVE £50  Package Price £150


Package 2:

4x 7x5 8x 9x6 4x 12x8 1x 18x12 

SAVE £190  Package Price £200


Package 3:

4x 7x5 8x 9x6 4x 12x8 2x 18x12

ALL DIGITAL FILES in High Resolution

SAVE a minimum of £500  Package Price £350


If you have any questions, please email me on [email protected], or use the 'contact me' form, or alternatively phone me on 07939 311 515, I'd love a chat to see how I can help you.